Ask Me About My Dress

On his 4th year Pete Yee continues his fight to make an impact on Human Trafficking. He joins us to discuss how he takes part in Dressember to help disrupting $150 billion dollar industry of Human Trafficking.
The campaign states "What may seem like a silly style challenge (wearing a dress or tie for the entire month of December), has collectively raised over $13MM to fight human trafficking around the world. When enough people use their voices to advocate for change, things begin to shift. Dressember is much more than an awareness campaign; we’re a social movement rooted in the belief that all people deserve to be free. Help us send the message to traffickers everywhere that we’re not going anywhere."
A first generation American Pete's parents hail from Korea and China. He has lived all life in Delaware and works as a computer coder. 4 years ago a co-worker began her yearly Dressember campaign and inspired Pete to join. Check out Pete on IG @petersyee with daily reminders of the support you can give and how easy it is to make an impact when your heart is in it. Make sure to share his QR code with the world!
For 60 days in December and January Yee wears a different dress everyday with an "Ask me about my dress" pin to start conversations about advocating for change. These dresses are often borrowed or gifted and at the end of the season Yee ensures they make their way to women's shelters. This year to date Pete has raised 8.2K. Pete stopped by our studio to talk about Dressember and took some time out to allow us to give him the glam he deserves. 
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