Twice The Love Double The Blessings with Team SidSib

Sybil Burroughs, mother of Sidney and Sibrina will tell you being a parent of fraternal twins is "Twice the love...double the blessings". Gendr Cosmetics was lucky enough to give these ladies a special glam makeover and photoshoot to recognize the triumphs and contributions Sidney and Sibrina bring to autism awareness.
Sidney is the older of two and half owner of the SidSib Foundation. This natural beauty allowed us to peak behind the scenes of her makeover and we were not disappointed! Sidney's signature fashion style is more low key than this glam session calls for but she welcomed the change for the day. She loves hats, scarves, and hoods as her daily accessory choices.
Sibrina is no stranger to glam and fashion. She is known for her regard to clothing, hair, and lipgloss. This might be her first makeover but it certainly will not be her last. 
Born fraternal twins both are thriving and continually developing after being diagnosed with non verbal autism at a young age. DMV Makeup Artist Sara Boyd lent her expertise at her Studio 519 for the ladies first makeover. 
Highlighted during the makeover is:
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SidSib foundation is a 501c3 to train landscaping skills for adults living on the autism spectrum. To learn more about the SidSib foundation click here.